Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pete's Green Processing Facility

Pete's Greens

Root Crop Washer

Huge. Frickin. Refrigerator.

Big Barrel o' Pickles

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Highmowing Seeds Tour

Seed Drying Racks

Seed saving in action.

Highmowing Seeds Salad Leaf Gallery

Carrot Varieties, 

Vermont Compost, Karl Hammer's Wonderful World of Rot.

Karl Hammer 

Karl Hammer. An amazing guy.

Three Sister Garden at the Intervale (Corn, Squash, Beans. This one seems to actually be working like it's supposed to)

Intervale Community Farm

Children's Garden. I <3 Amaranth and Sunflowers!!!!

Herb Garden.

Essex Farm

Mark Kimball 

Essex Farm

Productivity In Action! 

Salsa Time!

Salsa Smile

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